Porec, Istria, Croatia

Destination information

Porec is one of the most loved Croatian tourist centers, situated on the western shore of Istria. A long-standing tourist tradition, an impressive cultural heritage and hospitable hosts are the guarantee for an unforgettable holiday.

Istria is a place where tourists can revel in modern tourist offerings, such as sport and entertainment activities, as well as in the peace of its coast and the narrow streets of its littoral towns. Istria offers many fascinating destinations for an enjoyable vacation.

We (my husband and my self ) will be glad to give you advices and ideas for interested one day excursions, we will provide you the maps how to find all the location (and they are many) so interested for good food, art, national park - nature, fine wine, history...

We will help you to savor the very essence of our region.




45 º 13 ´ 53 ´´

13 º 36 ´ 27 ´´

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