Walking south of Porec old town passing by the Marina Porec you will find a station of a touristic train driving you cca 3 km south till Plava and Zelena laguna and back. Hop on the little open train so you will feel the sea breeze on your cheeks. Passing near Gradsko kupalište beach you will enjoy the view till the Sveti Nikola island, Val di preti, Brulo. At Brulo beach you can hop off or enjoy the ride till Plava laguna. This is the name Luc Besson gave to a character in his movie The fifth element (with Mila Jovovich and Bruce Willis). Luc Besson is the famous movie director who was like a kid on holiday in Poreč in Plava laguna so he has wonderful memories of Istra, Croatia.

You can hop off here or drive forward to Zelena laguna. Green lagoon with half island with hotel Parentium is known for the most beautiful beaches to enjoy in the deep shade of centuries-old pine tree. 

The blue and green lagoons of Porec are waiting for you!

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