1. Beach Parentino (ex Pical)

Nearest Beach famous for sunset watching

  1. Nearest is Beach Parentino (ex Pical). Partly pebble, gravel, partly concrete and there is also sand. Entrance in the sea to swim: if you go pebbly go full left because on the right side you will encounter some big stones at the bottom. Many species of different fish and marine organisms live between these stones, the place is ideal for  snorkeling

    During the day you can enjoy various water sports and in the evening it is the perfect place to watch the sunset. It is a famous view with the panorama of the historical part of the city of Porec. 

    Entrance at the beach is free of charge. No need to rent a deck chair (only if you wish to). 
    At the Beach Parentino (ex Pical) there are centuries-old pine trees on the beach you can put your towel for free in the shade, on the grass or quite close to the sea

How does it work with deck chairs?
It is based on self service. Daily rental prices are highlighted in several places. You can put your towel on a free    deck chair and sunbathe. An employee passes by on several occasions and will charge you the amount of the daily rent. As a tag they will put a ribbon around the deck chair which is a sign that you have paid. When you finish using it just let it go and the staff will store it in the evening around 7pm.

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